Little Dragons
Ages 4 - 6

Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons program is designed for children ages 4 to 6.  Little Dragons start learning the basics of Martial Arts and Self Defense.  In addition, they learn discipline, respect, self-confidence, and leadership.

Children also learn how to set goals and they understand the value of working towards those goals.  From the beginning they will set a long-term goal of becoming a black belt.  As their experience and knowledge go they earn higher ranks represented though different colored belts.  Each time they are promoted they are getting closer to their ultimate goal of becoming a black belt.

We guarantee you will love the changes you see in your children as they progress in our Little Dragons program.


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What Can You Expect?

  • Self-Discipline

    Our Little Dragons program will teach children restraint and patience.

  • Confidence

    As your child masters new skills learned as a Little Dragon, their confidence will soar.

  • Conflict Resolution

    We teach non-violent de-escalation as the first step to conflict resolution and emphasize avoiding physical confrontations as a priority.

  • Listening

    We teach our students how to listen effectively in order to learn new techniques and a way of showing respect.

  • Goals

    By utilizing ranks and promotions our students learn to set goals that they will want to work hard for.

  • Physical Health

    Our Little Dragons program teaches children how to be physically fit. In addition, they become more active by warming up and practicing martial arts.

  • Teamwork

    Often children will work in pairs and learn how to help each other.

  • Leadership

    More experienced students help new students to learn new techniques and provide motivation.

  • Respect

    Our students learn from the very beginning how to show respect to their instructor and other students.