Kids and Family


Bully Prevention, Exercise, and Building Confidence

Defence Lab Kids Program

The Defence Lab Kids Program is a practical self defense and fitness program for children, taught alongside ethical, moral and character education along with motor skill development.

It has been designed to effectively teach children to develop their physical and mental skills without generating any violence.

What do the DL Kids Learn?

It is an educational program which develops the children using martial arts as the vehicle, specifically self defense. The aim of this program is to teach children the abilities, attitudes and aptitudes that they need to develop in our current society which is in constant evolution.

Confidence and Personal Growth

More importantly children will find it is a program that will help them in their personal growth and development. It will give them confidence and will make them believe in themselves, it will teach them that they can be all that they want to be, that we make our own limits.


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Train with your FAMILY!

If you have a child enrolled in our program, you can train right alongside them!
Not only do you both get the benefits of learning defensive skills and fitness…

You also get an awesome family activity that is not only enjoyable but also promotes strong bonds!

Why? Because you’re not just encouraging your kids from the sidelines, you’re right there with them,

showing them that it can be done, that you’re willing to set the example, and most importantly,

that you’re putting out the effort just like they are!