Teens and Adults

What is the most powerful human instinct?

To Survive…….

This provocative and inspirational DNA Fight Science will instigate, provoke, challenge and revolutionize the way you think and approach your fight training forever…

Keeping it Real

We live in an ever changing world; evolution being a natural cycle of life. Things are constantly changing and progressing all around us; fighting skills and abilities are no different… they are evolving all the time. We all need to adapt to the changes that are occurring within our communities, especially with regards to self-preservation of ourselves, and our loved ones.

The nucleus of the DNA Fight Science is the CULTIVATION of INSTINCT. And is a direct consequence of real events, experiences, and subsequent years of research and investigation in the “Lab”.

The DNA Fight Science process has a radically modern approach, hence old and primitive traditions do not bind it, nor do they limit the never ending process of evolution.


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The true essence behind the DNA Fight Science training methodology is quite simple; it’s all about YOU.

It’s about you discovering you!

Creative, provocative, and moreover highly inspirational training methodologies form the nucleus of the DNA fight science approach.

They help you to decipher the “coding of chaos” and thus, ultimately, helping you to arrive with your own personal conclusions and functional realities.

If you have never trained martial arts or a fight system before, then the DNA methodology will quickly help you to understand the realities, both physically and emotionally, of a volatile, and without question, a potentially life changing street altercation.

The DNA methodologies will open up a whole new world with regards to your understanding and appreciation of realistic self-defence.

Regardless, if you are brand new to the martial arts, or have vast experience in other martial arts – the DNA Fight Science methodology will open up, and instigate you to question things that you may have previously thought to be set in stone. How cools that; a methodology that can provoke and instigates personal growth and development.